Prada 2017 Trick Keychains

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Hands up if you remember Prada’s beloved Edward? In case you forgot, he’s the blanked face robot that came in a Saffiano-wrapped body and electrical cables for limbs that stole our hearts when he first came out back in 2009. Edward is no ordinary robot though; he is actually a bag charm/keychain that comes with his own steel hook and split ring, and over time, has become one of Prada’s most unlikely icons yet.

And because it has reached icon status, Prada’s Trick keychains now extend to a family of colourful robots whom have joined Edward, with equally adorable names like Robin, Romeo and a girl robot named Giulietta, amongst others. Standing slightly taller than their older brother Edward (14 cm), these all-new Trick keychains range between 18 cm and 19 cm long with even brighter and bolder colours (and even more metallic hardware).

An adorable keychain that also looks good on your pouches and totes as a bag charm, you can even hook them all together as a little family of robots, because #moreismore. Available at all Prada boutiques islandwide, these new ones are retailing at SGD610 each, while Edward (which is the OG as far as the Trick is concerned) is priced at SGD430. And something to note, whoever said fashion is a bad investment should know that Edward was retailing for just SGD140 back in 2009. Really.

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The Prada Cahier Trick Notebook is a pretty accessory that you can bring wherever you go and we’re pretty sure that people will look on with so much jealousy in their eyes wishing they own the same.

Made from (two-tone) Saffiano leather with metal details inspired by the FW16 runway show, this little notepad is a pure delight to have due to its convenience and practicality for women who are always on the go. One can always jot down her ideas if she’s thinking of a good story to write, write a few lines of her poem or new song before the same pops out like a bubble.

The Cahier Trick Notebook is crafted to wear on your belt or strapped with leather like a necklace around your around (as seen on FW16 runway). It’s not just a notebook; it’s art, a fashion addition to your accessories. And obvious, attaching this book on your bag will create that unique impact.

The Prada Notebook also features a leather strap with buckle and a leather loop and ring. It comes in the color begonia pink + black and measures 6.5 x 8 (L x H) cm and is priced €390 euro via Prada e-store or at boutiques.













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The trick with summer sunglasses

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The trick with summer sunglasses .Summer is a season of not missing sunglasses, thanks to its cool shade. But how to choose a suitable sunglasses it? Come face condemnation based on it!
A type of sunglasses can not only meet the needs of a hot summer resist ultraviolet rays, it is already a star, the influx of people modeling companion. Many people are envious of the influx of people wearing sunglasses style, in fact, we just have to learn sunglasses with methods to choose their own sunglasses to ensure that you can bring out the Star Fan children.


Butterfly mirror is very suitable for a round face the crowd, a large frame with color colder, darker lens will “tighten” the face of visual effects. Of course there are framed bright colors, such as yellow, red lenses or soft lines and delicate butterfly frame mirror, but keep in mind that this is only suitable for the butterfly mirror has a delicate little face in the crowd Oh!



Polygonal sunglasses tend to have a large frame and large lenses, so will look particularly sharp jaw line is small, very suitable for oval face the crowd, but in the selection of the polygon mirror frame shape should pay attention on stage, do not tilt up, do not choose too lenient frame, that would look very bulky.


Has a sleek frame and large frame sunglasses best suited to broad oval face shape, it can increase the width of the top of the face, effectively reducing the length of the sense of the face. Select the color pink or wine red lenses, you can highlight the good color.


Exquisite round mirror is standard on a square face, square face often gives tough feeling, wearing round sunglasses soft lines can alleviate this feeling. But pay attention to choose the size of a round mirror face size in accordance with the large round mirror lens coupled with colorful lens colors will look very stylish, oh!

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