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The first couple days back at work from a holiday weekend are always rough, but today, we have something that may soothe your soul just a little bit: Chanel's new Metiers d'Art Paris in Rome 2017 bags hit stores today, and we have the collection's lookbook, which includes nearly four dozen bag and US pricing info for all but a couple. (Okay, so the prices probably won't make this week any easier, but the pictures will.) As with all of Chanel's Metiers d'Art collections, this one is themed around the place where the debut show was held. In this case, that means that some of the bags are theoretically supposed to have a bit of an Italian inflection, but more than that, the collection seems to recall a particular era of Italian film. (Except for the Carrara marble-print Bottle Clutch, though. That's just Italian in general.) The bags are, of course, totally beautiful and many are wonderfully detailed, and in that regard, they really don't need any explanation.


Another year, another Métiers d’Art collection, one that celebrates the Chanel’s specialty houses that specialised in traditional crafts from intricate featherwork to elaborate embroidery. And this year’s, simply known as #ParisInRome, is an ode to Italian cinema, capturing that moment in time when films were made in black and white and actresses were truly glamourous.


Fronting the ad campaign is actress Kristen Stewart, who if I might be frank, isn’t exactly whom one would think of when the words ‘glamourous’ and ‘actress’ are used in the same sentence, but she pulls it off, one of a smouldering femme fatale in her plush Parisian apartment lensed by none other than Karl Lagerfeld himself.


Decidedly so, the bags in this Métiers d’Art collection all carry the same themes, from black and white pieces (very film noir, if you ask me) to bags that come in wrapped in plush velvet (which I could say were inspired by the plush velvet curtains you see in old-world theatres). Like this pair ofBoy Chanel bags, for example. The first, a velvet, calfskin and bronze metal Boy Chanel that measures 20 cm by 12 cm (SGD5710), while the second is another Boy Chanel in pleated calfskin that measures 25 cm by 14.5 cm. Priced at SGD8780 for this one, both are stunners that wouldn’t look out of place hanging from the shoulders from say, Rita Hayworth or Lana Turner.


Then there are these too, from the marble-esque minaudière in the shape of Chanel’s most iconic fragrance (SGD13,190) to the plexiglas film camera that comes with its own sling that’s just darling. I’m particularly enamoured with this Boy Chanel that comes with an additional top handle, in calfskin with ruthenium metal hardware. Measuring 23 cm by 20 cm (SGD7980), you’ll also find variations from exotic python to silver metallic calfskin. Finally, a small coin purse in sheepskin which comes trimmed in light gold detailing that has the tiniest bit of quilting and will retail forSGD710. This is just a small selection from what’s available in stores now, which also means it’s time to take a trip down to Chanel Marina Bay Sands or Ngee Ann City soon. And before I sign off, hit this link to read more about Kristen Stewart’s SGD570 pair of black tights from Chanel, and here to catch the update on the new 2.55 that’s also part of the Métiers d’Art collection.
Chanel has just wrapped its cinema-inspired Roman holiday outing at the legendary Cinecittà film studios. Below, all our favorite scenes from inside Studio 5.
chanel pre fall
1. Chanel is never one to skimp where sets are concerned. Tonight the house offered guests a veritable prop house’s worth of Instagrammable antiquities, from statues of nymphs and satyrs to the monuments themselves.
chanel pre fall
2. Still, the house can always be counted upon to hearken back to its heritage:Lagerfeld and his team re-created in immaculate detail a Parisian street, complete with Metro; boulangerie; and Karl’s bespoke movie house, Cinema Le Paris—all in the brand’s signature black and white.
chanel pre fall

Photo: Courtesy of Chanel

3. In keeping with the show’s theme, the evening kicked off with a screening of Lagerfeld’s latest short, Once and Forever, starring ambassador Kristen Stewart as Coco herself, and Geraldine Chaplin.
chanel pre fall
4.  Rooney Mara sat front row, looking soigné in a pale pink gown.
chanel pre fall
5. Ditch your car service. Those imminently walkable Chanel slingbacks and today’s pointy-toed flats lend themselves to hoofing it—Lagerfeld’s catwalkers emerged from the steps of the faux Metro.
chanel pre fall
6.  If Chanel is more typically associated with the haute, then today’s showing came up strong on a certain Left Bank insouciance. Cases in point: jackets tied around waists  and draped over shoulders, models trailing scarves, and an abundance of Bardot beehives and sooty eye makeup.
chanel pre fall
7.  The girls weren’t the only stars of the show, though. Among Chanel’s strapping newsboys (sporting interlocking-C sweaters) were Baptiste Giabiconi, Sébastien Jondeau—plus Brad and Hudson Kroenig, bien sûr.
chanel pre fall
8. A menswear take on ’60s style in high-necked, billowing white blouses and plenty of beads.
chanel pre fall
9. Maybe the show’s most covetable accessory? A glossy black camera shoulder bag.
chanel pre fall
10.  Bella Hadid made her Chanel debut alongside Lagerfeld favorites like Lara Stone and Freja Beha Erichsen.

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This Boy Bag is definitely a stunner, all right. If you notice the fine elements on this piece such as the intricate weave and gold hardware, you’ll love it even more. Since we know how much you adore this line, we’ll allow you to look at it for long. Black and gold are classic, full-proof colors. What a great contrast!


What’s orange, quilted and fabulous? This bag. Exactly our thoughts.


And yet again another piece that’s reminiscent of Chevron quilt! What are your thoughts on this bag?


We’re not so sure about this piece, but we know that it really is extended and more elongated compared to the usual flaps with Mademoiselle locks. Hmmm…do you dig this design?





And here, other bags for your consideration. Of course, let’s not forget about the Camera bag, which is another statement piece from this collection.

What do you think about Chanel’s latest offering? Are there any pieces that you liked in particular? Comment now and let us know!

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Glamorous and fashion-forward, Chanel’s Metiers d’Art Pre-Fall 2016 Runway Bag Collection is definitely packed with pieces we should all watch out for. Take your pick as we give you one of the most unforgettable collections you’ll ever come across. We sure are pumped, and we hope you are, too!












It doesn’t come as a shocker though – the brand has been doing this for years, coming up with fresh, new ideas every season. And that’s not all, because they aside from releases, Chanel is also the masters of reissues. We cannot help but sigh at these babies.





Metiers d’Art is a yearly celebration of the craftsmanship of Chanel ateliers who have worked their way into matching even the most eclectic of materials – this collection is all about diverse patterns, stitched together to create the most exquisite of pieces. Well, we’ve already known the brand to be heavy about their coordinated patterns, but this collection’s definitely on a different level. Well done, Chanel!

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Chanel Metiers D’Art Paris-Salzburg Runway Bag Collection

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Following up on our previous post about the Chanel Mini Tote Bag with Artful Print, here is a preview of the Chanel Métiers d’Art Paris-Salzburg Bag Collection.

READ: Chanel Tote Bag From Métiers d’Art Paris-Salzburg Collection

This line will be launched next year, but the preview is a good opportunity to find out what we can expect, so that we can start budgeting for our next year’s wish list. (Budgeting? just kidding!).

The runway was held at Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg, Austria. It features a lot of iconic handbags like the classic flap bags and even the boy flap bags, but then the updated or redecorated.


Just like this new Chanel Boy Flap Bag. Or should we say tote bag? It’s got a flap and a long masculine chain to carry on your shoulder, but it also features a handle on the top. Painted in green, light-brown and with red arrows on the edges, it’s a whole new experience of carrying a boy bag.


Notice this Chanel Classic Flap Bag, but it’s not what we used to, you know, black, leather and quilted. It’s stitched with little spring flowers, lovely! It comes with an interwoven chain link, which is not leather.


Here is more proof! Is it a headphone or an ear warmer? Nobody knows until the launching date, but given the way it’s structured, it’s almost certain that it is a headphone. Purchase one that matches to the color of your hair, would you get one?











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Take a Close Look at Chanel’s Metiers d’Art 2015 Paris-Salzburg Bags

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Chanel Metiers d'Art Paris-Salzburg 2015 Bags 35

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