Celine Stamped Croc Trapeze Bag

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No introduction is needed; the Celine Trapeze Bag is an iconic and is as famous as a celebrity. They come in different sizes, even in the mini version, which is super cute. The trapeze bag is an accessory that we can use anytime and in any place, it’s as chic as a bag can get.

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But honestly, if you got a deeper pocket and you’re hunting for the Celine Trapeze, then please pick the Stamped Croc version. I mean, look at it. Beautiful smooth leather on the wings and the body, nice flexible handles and then the front flap in Stamped Croc. It simply can’t get more luxurious than this.

This edition is from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, which means it should be available in store right now. The color brown and beige mixed up are perfect for this season (though it can be used in the spring summer too). Love it!

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Celine Trapeze Bag for Fall Winter 2014 Collection

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Celine Medium Trapeze in Satin Calfskin
Color: Bi-Colour Bright Blue
Size: 12′ x 9′ x 6′ inches
Price: €1900 euro’s

If you’re a Celine fan (or a beginner), then there are two handbags that you just ‘must have’, and I meant it. The first bag is the Celine Luggage Tote Bag, heavenly gorgeous. Then move to your next purchase, the Celine Trapeze Bag.

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While the Luggage tote is famous for its ‘face’ – the front zipper looks like a mouth, wings like ears and the ending of the handles, like eyes, the Celine Trapeze Bag is famous for its simplicity and the elegant flappy wings. And if you throw some fantasy on it, the Trapeze looks kind-of like a bat.

We love the Trapeze Bag because it’s effortless chic, the leather is impeccable and stunning. The front flap features a beautiful closure with ‘Celine’ signature on it. And the best of the best, the Trapeze is perfect to use as an everyday bag and can be worn in all season.

It’s an example of a classic, the Trapeze will certainly never go-out-of-style. A one-time investment and it’s forever yours, it’s worth every penny.

Now, we would like to introduce you the Celine Trapeze Bag for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection, we put the materials and the prices below.

And so, can you tell which one is your favorite?


Celine Medium Trapeze in Satin Calfskin
Color: Bi-Colour Pastel Blue
Size: 12′ x 9′ x 6′ inches
Price: €1900 euro’s


Celine Medium Trapeze in Smooth Calfskin
Color: Cobalt
Size: 12′ x 9′ x 6′ inches
Price: €1800 euro’s


Celine Medium Trapeze in Natural Calfskin
Color: Burgundy
Size: 12′ x 9′ x 6′ inches
Price: €2000 euro’s


Celine Medium Trapeze in Pony Calfskin
Color: Brown
Size: 12′ x 9′ x 6′ inches
Price: €2500 euro’s


Celine Medium Trapeze in Python
Color: Multi-colour
Size: 12′ x 9′ x 6′ inches
Price: €3000 euro’s

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Celine Trapeze Bag Spring Summer 2014

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Each Collection, Celine is nice enough to publish ‘three’ of their newest and most precious Trapeze Bags (something that I am always looking forward to). And from there the thread stops, three is not everything, in fact, it’s just a small piece of pie compared to what they’ve in store.

There are two ways to discover them all. The most direct way is to visit one of their physical stores and ask the SA to throw all their Trapeze on the table. Or you can glance on the pictures circling around the internet and hoping they are from the right collection.

To give you some great ideas, we have search and found a couple of colors that you can also find in Celine stores. But before you move on, please also check our latest post: The Celine Fall 2014 Collection. I belief you will fall deeply love with the brand-new tri-color Trapeze Bag in pink like I did.

Single colors are more classic and easier to play match-and-match with the clothes in your wardrobe. From experience and watching countless celebrity images, the trapeze bag is best worn with casual chic, some people even pair them with sneakers and jeans. Maybe, just maybe it’s this reason why the Trapeze is hot, it goes ‘literally’ with almost everything.

And for those who are not yet informed, Celine has launched the mini trapeze bag this year. Check for more information at: Celine Mini Trapeze Bag in Details.

And for the latest prices you can go to: Celine Bag Prices.







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Reader Submitted Review: “My First Replica Purse!… And A Review”

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Celine Trapeze Replica Purse

A dear reader of my blog sent me a review today and I decided to post it as soon as possible. I haven’t changed a thing about it; I even borough the title of her email. There’s nothing left to say…except that this is a wonderful Celine Trapeze replica purse.

“Hi Eva,

First, let me say….THANK YOU. Thank you for taking the time to field so may questions and make so many suggestions regarding some of the beautiful – and not so beautiful –replica handbags out there. For those of us who want to feel beautiful and put together carrying a gorgeous handbag, but who cannot afford an authentic (or who simply choose not to pay for an authentic), you are an angel!

I came across your blog a couple months ago. After toying with the idea of spending ALL of my savings on an authentic Celine bag or ALMOST all of my savings on a USED Celine bag – I started to analyze your blog more closely.

I read through your advice and tips on who to shop with, what to look for and how to avoid being scammed. I learned so much just by reading through your posts! I finally came to the conclusion that it is not always necessary to buy an authentic designer handbag – especially with the high quality replicas that are out there.

I decided to buy a Celine Trapeze and I wanted something in a cobalt/royal blue. I noticed you recommended the following to a couple of your readers. I also noticed you and your readers had good things to say about the site (bagaholics). So, I took the plunge and made the purchase!

On to the results: First, I was happy with my overall purchasing experience. I placed my order on the 9th and my bag arrived by the 16th (7 days from China to the US wow!). The site also sent me updates every couple of days. Once the bag was shipped, they forwarded a tracking number so I could track it while it was still in China and a second tracking number once it made it to the US. The charge showed up on my Visa statement exactly as it was supposed to. ALSO – the shipping was only $40 (which I believe is fairly inexpensive compared to some of the other sites).

Once the bag arrived: First, I must say I’m REALLY happy with the bag! The leather is of good quality, the shape is nice, the inside is of high quality leather too. The suede is a beautiful royal blue color and is of good quality as well. Also, the bag is pretty much identical to what I saw online.

Celine Trapeze Replica Purse

Celine Trapeze Replica Purse

Celine Trapeze Replica Purse

Celine Trapeze Replica Purse

Celine Trapeze Replica Purse

Celine Trapeze Replica Purse

Celine Trapeze Replica Purse

Celine Trapeze Replica Purse

The downside: The gold hardware. The square clasp on the front of the bag is scratched (as opposed to smooth solid gold). It almost looks as if you’d been carrying the bag and the clasp has been scratched due to normal wear and tear (but I can’t be too upset because you can actually see this in the pictures they have online- I guess I just thought it was just a bad photo). Also, the gold hooks that attach the shoulder straps are a sort of dull gold and are slightly scratched as well. Lastly, the wings are slightly bent up – which I think is mainly due to packaging – which means the leather has a few wrinkles where it looks like the wings were creased during transit (any recommendation for flattening these wrinkles?).

THESE THINGS SAID – I have to keep in mind that I bought a replica and not an authentic so I knew the bag would not be perfect. Overall, I’m really pleased with my purchase!

Thank you again, Eva, for answering our countless questions, researching on our behalf, and just supporting us girls on a budget!!

Your Celine Trapeze is wonderful, congratulations! I wouldn’t change a thing about it. 

You can use Krylon Premium gold leafing pen to touch up the hardware and make it more yellow. And I think it will cover the scratches too, although they are not visible in the photos.

For the wrinkles, you can use a bit of moisturizing cream and fill the bag with papers but this is not a bag that holds its shape. So after a while, they will become unnoticeable.

Enjoy your bag!

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