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A classic Louis Vuitton bag is always a good idea, but what if you could make it even better? This season, the French leather house does just that with the Bandouliere series, a collection of shoulder straps in just about any colour and leather combination imaginable.

It wouldn’t be the easiest decision to make, so let us walk you through it. Available in Monogram canvas, Epi and Python leather, every variation of the Bandouliere is distinctly Louis Vuitton, starting from the discreet Haute Maroquinerie details on the chapes to the opulence of the exotic leather used. The straps measure 90 x 4 x 0.2 cm, and latch on to the bags by 2 golden or silver snap hooks. If you want to take individuality to the next level, Louis Vuitton will even hot-stamp your initials on the smooth cowhide leather linings in store. The Bandouliere collection comes hot on the heels of Prada’s Shoulder Straps , a sign that these add-on shoulder slings aren’t merely a passing fad.


You’ve seen the ones from Fendi, you read about the new ones from Prada, now let me introduce these ones from Louis Vuitton that are already available in Singapore. Simply known as the Bandoulierecollection (bandouliere being French for shoulder, by the way), this also reinforces the fact that these add-on shoulder slings which can be bought separately to allow you to customise your bag will not be a passing fad. Yes, folks, the slings are here to stay.


Measuring 90 cm in length by 4 cm in width, the shoulder slings come in a wide array of offerings, from Monogram Canvas to Epi and even exotic python. On the other side of the sling is Vuitton’s Haute Macroquinerieleather, which can also be hot-stamped with your initials if you wish it so.


Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for, its prices. Starting fromSGD680 for the ones that come with Monogram Canvas finish on one side, it then goes up to SGD765 for the ones in Epi (do you see the Epi Denim one which is love?) before peaking at SGD1210 for the ones in exotic python.

In other words, besides being rather well-priced as compared to the other brands, the wide variety that’s now available just means you need to decide which one will go best with your existing Louis Vuitton bag, be it the Alma, the City Steamer, or even the Speedy, just to name a few. Or get it for any other bag you already own; it doesn’t really matter.

And if anyone’s looking for me this weekend, I’ll be holed up in a Louis Vuitton store deciding which one (or ones) I need the most. Decisions, decisions.

You don’t always have to shell out a whole lot for a brand new bag – well, sort of, because now that Louis Vuitton has unveiled a new collection of shoulder straps for the Bandouliere collection, we guarantee your trusty old Speedy or City Steamer won’t look the same again.
Available in an array of leathers and colors – think Epi leather in hot pink or exotic python skin in forest green – match the straps according to your personality, mood or even wardrobe. To make things even more personal, Louis Vuitton will also extend its initial-personalization services to the straps, so you know yours is truly one of a kind.

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