Anna Dello Russo Shows Up to Paris Fashion Week in Chanel Sneaker-Boots

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Anna Dello Russo Chanel Tweed Sneaker Boots

Paris Fashion Week is still happening, and street style maven/Vogue Nippon editor-at-largeAnna Dello Russo is still pulling out all the stops. Here’s Anna arriving at the Chanel Spring 2015 show in a complete runway look from Chanel Fall 2014. Her shoes, of course, are Chanel’s Tweed Sneaker Boots, which were one of the most memorable pieces from the season’s runway.

Anna’s even carrying a Chanel supermarket basket, lest we forget what the theme of the Fall 2014 show actually was. I usually love Anna’s totally over-the-top fashion choices, but I so loathe these shoes–even the words “tweed knee-high high-tops” send a twinge down my spine. This is a style I would expect to see on the clearance rack at a Journeys, and not so much on the Chanel runway.

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