The More Monogram, The Better: The Best Louis Vuitton Bags We Found This Week on Instagram

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Something was definitely in the air this week, because we found an abundance of Louis Vuitton bags on our Instagram feed; we’re certainly not complaining! You know what they say: the heart wants what the heart wants, and it’s clear that our Instagram followers’ hearts are smitten over LV.

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Can we be 100% honest here? This Chanel Pearl Wallet On Chain Bag looks like the kind of bag that classic ladies such as Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Katharine Hepburn would be seen wearing.

You read that one right. This wallet on chain bag is so pretty that we couldn’t contain our happiness upon seeing this one. If you were opting for a chic yet classic look without sacrificing style, this would be that one bag that you’ll gladly get your hands on.

The Chanel Pearl Wallet On Chain Bag exudes an aura of sophistication. The pearl -like accent on the middle with the CC logo made it all the more beautiful. Yes, it’s a definite eye candy that’s worth of other people’s stares.

It is made up of lambskin, metallic calfskin, gross grain and light gold metal and black & light gold and measures 4.6′ x 7.6′ x 1.4′ inches, priced at €1830 euro via chanel boutique.


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15 Bags That Were on Every Early-'00s Girl's Wishlist

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We love a good throwback, even more so if it makes us cringe a little and ask (sometimes out loud), "Did we really wear that?" Which is exactly how we feel looking back at the bags from the early 2000s in all their monogrammed, brightly colored, buckle-embellished glory.

Many ladies who lived through the aughts remember needing that heart-decorated Dooney & Bourke or lusting after a Dior Saddle bag. They were pretty much the Mansur Gavriels of their time.

But perhaps even better than the designs are the then-It girls who wore them: Lindsay Lohan,Mischa Barton, and even Paris Hilton were the ones who really sold them for us. Take a read through the gallery and see all the styles we had to have, some of which are actually pretty cute, but most of which are still so 2006.

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7 Must-Have Essentials That Need to Be on Your Packing List

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You know that friend who can somehow effortlessly manage to pull everything together the night before an early morning flight without breaking a sweat? It's surreal for most of us and terrifying for others. What if you don't pack enough underwear? What if you forget your sunglasses or that hat that goes with everything? For those of us who need a little backup when it comes to travel time, a handwritten packing list is a lifesaver. Not to mention, there's something ridiculously satisfying about being able to cross items off one by one before zipping up your bag.

We've narrowed down a list of every essential you need to have on hand for your upcoming trip, from the must-have accessories that will take you through every occasion to the core wardrobe pieces you'll need to cover you when costume changes are in order. Check it out.

1The Bag You Can Carry Your Life In
Image Source: Vera Bradley

You know it, you love it, you can fit a small animal in it. Your go-to bag is exactly what it sounds like. Think utility packaged in a classic silhouette you can throw over your shoulder and make it through your day with. It's 100 percent essential.

2Always Bring a Few Extras
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mark Popovich

Add in a few more undergarments than you think are necessary, and don't make a rookie packing mistake of not having any socks when your ankle boots are calling your name.

3Wrap It Up With a Top Layer or Scarf
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mark Popovich

Wraps and ponchos are perfect. Whether you go with something heavy or lightweight depending on the location of your trip, make sure you bring this accessory with you. There are so many different ways you can wear a scarf, and it also happens to be the easiest way to take a basic look and add some personality to it.

4The Right Cosmetics Bag Will Change Your Life
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Maria Del Rio

Finding the perfectly compartmentalized cosmetic bag is like hitting the jackpot. Go with a midsize option that you can fit into a carry-on (your makeup is the last thing you want to get lost in baggage claim), and fill 'er up with all of your beauty tools.

5The Basics, Just in Case
Image Source: ShopStyle Photography

I always make sure to pack an extra pair of basics that cover three categories: 1. Tee/tank 2. Denim and 3. Shoes. Make sure you pack one of each that you know you can turn to if you're having a "what am I going to wear?" mini meltdown.

6Organize Those Baubles
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mark Popovich

A small jewelry pouch will help you avoid those epic necklace knots and keep all of your statement-making pieces in one spot. Pack lightly when it comes to clothing, and load up on trend-forward jewelry so you can create multiple looks using a few core wardrobe picks.

7The Dress
Image Source: ShopStyle Photography

One essential dress, whether it's an LBD wrap-front number or a colorful shift dress option that works well with neutrals, is always a great thing to have on hand for any impromptu dinners or events you may need to go the extra style yard for.

More From Vera Bradley

Shop More Vacation Essentials

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Marni’s New Mini Trunk Bag is Big on Style

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Proving that great (and stylish!) things come in small packages is Marni‘s updated Trunk Bag. Both the large and mini versions have been refreshed in a whole range of new colours and patterns for spring, and the mini is the perfect size to hold your keys, phone, lipstick and purse.

The inside is an organised girl’s dream, with three compartments to keep your essentials organised. The bag comes in soft calf leather and there’s a metallic finish available for an extra ‘wow’ style statement. It might not be the most economical small bag out there, but consider this one a long-term investment (we won’t tell).  

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A Knock Off Birkin Bag Worth Spending Money On

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A Knock Off Birkin Bag Worth Spending Money On

I wouldn’t mind owning a Knock off Birkin bag as long as it will share the similarities with the authentic brand. Think I am crazy? Well, believe me I am not. And I often find myself fighting the idea that once you buy a luxury product you get a lifetime guarantee. You can still be and look glamorous without spending top dollar and keep for a lifetime the replica. But here is a trick (or tricks) we should learn about for overcoming nasty situations.

Knock off Birkin bags are all over the place, but an amazing replica Birkin can not be found anywhere. Unexperienced opinions say that when you invest in a knockoff, you’re not investing in anything and you are at a loss when the bag starts to fall apart. That’s the whole idea, getting the most exquisite replica, that won’t let you down. But how can we have one? Follow some simple steps that will help you recognize a good replica over a bad one.

The Label Stamps

A Knock Off Birkin Bag Should Have The Label Stamps Checked

The label stamps can give you a clue on how good or bad your knock off Birkin bag is. The above picture is representative for that. These are the label stamps hallmarked on the top of the bag. On the amazing Birkin replica, on the left, they are high and close to the stitching. If it happens to be in the middle, somewhere between the stitching and the lock, that’s a dead giveaway, and you should not be ashamed to decline it. Keep in mind that, while the good replica Birkin has the stamp part of the fabric, the bad one has its stamp on top of the leather.

The Lock

A Knock Off Birkin Bag Should Have Chekced The Lock

The following step should lead you to Birkin’ replica lock. Undo the lock and pull back the arm to reveal the blind stamp. Surprinsingly, amazing knock off Birkin bags are handmade by one artisan, so they put their own stamp on it, along with the blind stamp, indicating the year it was made. Look at the stamp’s quality; it should be very deep, looking like it was machine-stamped. A good knock off Birkin bag will have the stamps much fainter, hardly to be seen.

Stitching, corners, hardware

 A Knock Off Birkin Bag Should Have Checked The Details

Even if you don’t have an authentic bag to compare a fake against, you can check out for any inconsistencies on details like hardware. A poor knock off Birkin bag will always give oneself away, because there will always be that one place where it’s just not consistent with the quality of the brand. And that place, as the experience shows it, it is the hardware. Even an unexperienced person can tell if a hardware is plastic, because it does not get cold and it feels lighter, also.

If you are planning to purchase a knock off Birkin bag, check out the stitching, because it is a factor that reveales the fake’s identity. If you don’t look closely, the replica Birkin may seem quite well stitched. But if you start looking at finer details—edges and corners—you’ll notice around here that the stitchings will get sloppy. So, the hardware and the stitchings will always tell the true about your knock off Birkin bag. These are some of the inconsistencies that you won’t find in an amazing replica bag.

Check out the above tips, because even if you can’t afford a Birkin bag, you can still enjoy owning an amazing replica, for a life time.

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