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A stylish key holder and coin purse in one, this Chanel Quilted Keyholder Wallet is a leather product that offers multi-functionality, which is ideal for women who are always on the go.

No need to bring a key holder and another coin purse which takes up too much space on your bag since the Chanel Quilted Keyholder Wallet is a two-in-one kinda thing. Besides the fact that it’s practical, we also take delight in its design. Yes, let’s talk more about it.

The thick diamond quilting is just too lovely and adorable not to notice! Made from genuine lambskin that is luxurious to the touch, this keyholder wallet is the needed voila in your bag. The bright dark pink color is another thing and that beautiful golden CC logo in front is the perfect icing on this cake. Can we say we couldn’t get enough of it?

Style code A68943, measuring 3’ x 4.7’ x 1’ inches, priced at $580 USD, €380 euro, £320 GBP, $610 SGD, $3200 HKD, available via Chanel boutiques.

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