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We rarely publish bags from the brand Salvatore Ferragamo, but when we do, you can be certain that it’s going to be a good bite.

Now, we all know about Ferragamo’s iconic, like the famous Sofia bag, and you know how we fell in love with the Salvatore Ferragamo Mini Ginny Shoulder Bag. The Ferragamo Bow Saffiano Shoulder Bags are also well priced, perfect for those that seek designer bags but do not have a deep pocket to invest and want quality.

Let’s get back to the point.

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring Summer 2014 Collection consists of several new bags that caught our attention, one of them is the Frame Shoulder Bag. It was first seen on the runway and it was gorgeous.

This bag has the best of both worlds – a timeless look and a modern appeal. You can wear it in all season, it’s basically very streamlined and simple, but Ferragamo’s secret lies in the tiny details, just like any other great designer brands.

The strap looks very short, but you can expand it to your comfort level and carry it on your shoulder. It features a palladio flap closure and one interior zip pocket.

Made from calfskin, available in black, silk and sesame, there are two sizes available – small and medium.

Small size is measured: 12.5 x 18 x 9 cm (H x L x W)

Medium size is measured 19 x 26 x 8 cm (H x L x W)






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Balenciaga Frame Leather Clutch: Frame-Changer

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Balenciaga Frame Leather Clutch

Leave it to Alexander Wang to rethink and revamp the way a frame bag should look. I love the level of ingenuity and original design at play. The silver bar looks crazy-modern, while Balenciaga’s bicycle-inspired theme continues, with a polished roller chain serving as the top-handle strap.

But if this is meant to be a bag in my real life, I have to say there is ultimately a little something lacking. Comprised of three slim compartments, the double layer of leather is folded over and stays open, but closing with snaps, it looks unfinished and precarious. This is one of those great concept bags. I love the way the frame only partially adorns the bag, leaving an intriguing amount of negative space. I just want to see the leather folds be tighter, neater, and more structured altogether. Finally, the color is not to be ignored. This pale pink is to die for; it’s the perfect spring shade. Balenciaga Frame

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Chanel CC Frame Flap Bag

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Chanel-CC Frame-flap-bag

The first impression on the Chanel CC Frame Flap Bag is definitely: ‘Whut?’. If you didn’t know it’s a wearable flap bag, you will most likely hang it like a piece of expensive historical item in your living room. And your visitors can read on the golden tag what they are dealing with: ‘SAC 1112, CHANEL, COLLECTION PRIVEE’.

There’s somehow a strong connection between CC and Chanel bags, have you seen the Chanel Trendy CC Tote or the Newest WOC Fancy CC yet? No? Go check them out.

The Chanel CC Frame Flap Bag was released in the Spring Summer 2014 Collection and like its name says: ‘It’s a flap bag’. However, I would not be surprised if you were confused. What you see in real life is actually the iconic Chanel Classic Flap Bag in black and lambskin attached to a black shiny plexi frame on the back. It could be as well a clutch, if they didn’t embellish the interwoven chain.

Chanel-CC Frame-flap-bag-2

This bag was first seen on the SS2014 catwalk and the classic flap bag is much smaller than you see on the picture. But what amazed me the most is when you start asking yourself: ‘How do I store my essentials?’. It’s then you figure out that the plexi glass can be opened – like an elegant boxy clutch, like a make-up box.

The exterior is black and the interior is red, just like the classic Chanel bags. Measuring 6.7’ x 8.7’ x 2’ inches, it’s available in two shades; black and beige. And of course you ask, the price… its $6,300 USD at your local Chanel boutique. The style code is: A69767.

What do you think about this bag, practical or not?

Chanel-CC Frame-flap-bag-3

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