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She was a woman who was many different things, one who sought to live the life she wanted, never giving in to popular convention and basically marched to her own beat. She was a creator, a pioneer, a trend-setter, and one whose glorious legacy still lives on today through Chanel, which in its early days sold only hats before it expanded and in 1922 eventually launched her most iconic fragrance to date, the N°5.

This year, Chanel is celebrating everything Gabrielle Chanel, from a new collection of bags named after her to the #J12Mademoiselle timepieces that everyone wanted. And because a celebration of everything Coco would be odd without a fragrance dedicated to her, this new fragrance, simply known as the Gabrielle Chanel, is an ode to her and the Chanel woman of today, one who’s free-spirited, full of desire, fervour and subversiveness.


Available in an all-new bottle that’s also beautifully-shaped, removing the topper and taking in your first whiff will reveal notes of jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose and ylang ylang that promise to come together beautifully on your skin. Inhale again and everything is supposed to be more intense, thanks to master perfumer Olivier Pole. The jasmine is intensified, with white musk added to the ylang ylang that’s further accentuated by the creaminess of tuberose. Along with blackcurrant, grapefruit zest, mandarin peel and sandalwood, it’s a deliciously heady mix that even Gabrielle Chanel herself would approve of.

The Gabrielle Chanel fragrance will be available at all Chanel boutiques in Singapore from 19 August 2017, and on 1 September 2017 it will be launched at all of Chanel’s beauty counters islandwide.

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Louis Vuitton to launch its first fragrance in decades

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They may look like empty bottles, but it is soon to be filled with perfumed elixirs to make us tickle our olfactory urges. Louis Vuitton has announced that it is set to launch its first fragrance line.

Les Parfums Louis Vuitton will be concocted on the grounds of the world’s perfume factory, Grasse in France. The brand has already appointed perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud who has already taken over matter at the brand’s Creative Atelier within the Fontaines Parfumeés – literally a perfume fountain which flows in the estate premises.

Here is a bit of history that you will probably not have heard before this announcement was made. Apparently in the early 1900s, the renowned trunk-maker had shown interest in perfumery, in a rather unique manner. They had unveiled a range called Editions d’Art which were commissioned by artists to craft and design decorative motifs for engraved crystal bottles. The trend was such at the time, for luxury accessories. Louis Vuitton launched its first fragrance with the success of the Editions d’Art calling it Heures d’Absence, in 1927. In 1928 they launched Je, Tu, Il (I, you, they) and Réminiscences and Eau de Voyage ater on in 1946. But that was it. The crafty bottles remained, with no scent or trace of parfum in them. Until now. This September expect to get a smell of natural leather as found in the handles and straps of the brand’s trunks and bags, with aromas of flowers sourced from China including osmanthus, magnolia and jasmine sambac.

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The perfumes will be available at select stores including Louis Vuitton Marina Bay Sands and Ngee Ann City stores in Singapore.

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