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A new Chanel Bag has been unchained and released to the fashion world. This bag is going to make a lot of ladies addicted and hooked forever. Have you ever craved for your own Chanelli, but couldn’t keep up with the classic prices. Well, this one is priced way below and it’s evenly pretty and timeless. Introduced for thePre-Fall 2017 Collection, there is still time to snap this bag for your wardrobe.

The Design

The part quilting and part smooth leather design is the latest trend. This design is a mixture of classic and modern, the best of both worlds. The flap and the sides of the bag are made in smooth leather while the center is diamond quilted.

The chains are what made this bag so stunning, imagine without the chains (don’t image =)). The woven chain leather strap is covered around the diamond-quilted part in the center. Then it’s refined with the signature smooth CC logo on the front.

Take a closer look at this bag; it’s flexible and curved from the front flap to the bottom sides. You can carry the bag with leather strap that can be adjusted to your comfort. The only downsize is the leather, it’s made from lambskin which is quite fragile. But this lambskin also gives you an amazing luxurious appeal.

The Sizes And Prices

The style code is A91802, the size is 4.7’ x 8.1’ x 1.8’ inches and this bag is retailing for $2700 USD, €2500 euro, £2220 GBP, $3960 SGD, $19700 HKD, ¥316440 JPY, ¥19300 CNY, $3300 CAD via Chanel boutiques.

More Images



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Riccardo Tisci showed his Spring/Summer 2017 menswear collection for Givenchy in Paris. Travel seems to be in the air during the spring collections, with several designers sending their models on strange journeys to both real and imagined locales. Riccardo Tisci men seemed to be military men on a mission; the collection was heavy with camouflage prints and utility features. Overcharged with busy prints — plus zippers and utility pockets galore — this was no zen statement. “It was more like a trip in a spiritual way,” Tisci said. Givenchy has always been known for their loud and avant garde style when it comes to the runway and their looks for Spring/Summer ’17 are no different. Creative director Ricardo Tisci shows his liking for camouflage patterns and more avant garde cuts on his clothing. It’s a great bridge between streetwear and luxury clothing that will surely be popular come season. Presenting the Givenchy Spring/Summer 2017 Runway Bag Collection. Givenchy presented their latest collection at the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, with hanging balloon lights and a mirrored metallic runway. Guests were treated with silver mylar wraps to keep warm amidst the cold temperature. Riccardo Tisci has taken inspiration from the spirituality of nature. Models came out in slick and shiny hair wearing psychedelic prints and large geode pendants in chunky chain. The collection brings in a retro vibe featuring flirty and sexy dresses and functional tailored suits. This season’s handbags comes in a variety of styles. Mesh tote which comes with a smaller leather bag was seen on the runway. Mini bags with a circular top handle and large tote bags were also part of the collection. Micro bags worn on the neck makes a chic and modern statement. It was one of the most spectacular settings of Paris Fashion Week; staged in the vast grounds of Paris’s Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Riccardo Tisci set up a mirrored square runway, surrounded by ginormous, softly lit balloon lanterns that seemed to float in the dark evening sky. To stay warm in the autumnal air, guests, sat on cube stools, were each clothed in a silver foil mylar wrap that reflected in the runway. The whole set looked like something that had landed from outer space. His guests, an all-star line-up was pretty cosmic too; the “Givenchy Family” included power couple Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, Courtney Love and daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, Kim Kardashian West wearing a white lace negligee and white silk robe, Lara Stone, Natalia Vodianova and Irina Shayk. The show kicked off with a series of sliced geode prints on silk slip dresses layered over blush slips, accessorized with oversized agate pendants swinging from tortoiseshell chains. Clingy nude dresses followed, ribbed and with curved seams they hugged the body; an obvious Kim Kardashian West look (less so, the ribbed socks and stiletto combo that grounded every look here). There was no letting up on the body-con silhouette; more dresses followed, from multi-coloured polka dot numbers with mini ruffles, to others with kaleidoscope placement prints, or block coloured versions – in pink, black, and then red – wrapped in streams of silk fringe. His figure-hugging message was unwavering and segued into rigorously razor sharp tailoring. Tonight his black suiting comprised flared trousers and nip-waisted long line tailored jackets with combative zipped pouch pockets on the hips, some came decorated with a scattering of mirrored shards and gems. Although there was plenty to like here, an element of youth subculture or influences from the street were sorely missed, and proceedings could have benefitted from that kind of an edge. Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-14 Hello ladies, please meet the Givenchy Pandora Chain-All-Over Minaudiere Bag. Oh yes, the Pandora Bag has been reinvented again and it’s more attractive than ever. The original Pandora Bag got its fame due to its unusual shape and generous size. You see, when you fill the bag up, the shape changes completely. Now, the latest Givenchy Pandora Minaudiere Bag is ideal for the evenings. It’s not only the chain you should be craving for but also the cover. Painted in black, you can spot the silver stripes on the center from the top to bottom. The stripes are actually chains embossed, which gives the bag the total luxurious feel. Amazing isn’t? Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-27 Another bag that is going to be released is the Givenchy Mini Bow-Cut Bag. This bag is quite new, but its fame is rising fast due to its rare design. And in every collection, they’re getting prettier and prettier. For the Spring Summer 2016 Collection, the Mini Bow-Cut will be made with chains. Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-6 Just as on the runway, the lineup of lookbook images is always deliberate; it provides a trajectory that reveals how we’re meant to read a collection. The latest Givenchy offering opened with a cropped, belled jacket and short skirt—both in crisp white, both bordered in gumball-size pearls—which reinforced the polished esprit at the heart of the house, although Riccardo Tisci’s neo-baroque flair is unmistakably there. This elevated look defined one of three themes that the creative director employed for Resort, and while it may not strike with the same graphic gutsiness as the ancient Egyptian falcon motif reprised from Fall, it suggests he’s finding new interest in the old Givenchy codes. See also the black double-faced jacket with a flattering basque and exposed seams; the matching zip tops and skirts in delicate tulle and lace; the contoured plissé soleil pieces; and even the latest Horizon handbag, which pivots toward a more mature sensibility without compromising on edge. Styling exercises, meanwhile, don’t come more fun than Look 7, an all-black ensemble consisting of four layers that successfully managed to fuse Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Beyoncé. Around this point, classic gives way to what Tisci conceived as the “skinhead romantic” grouping, where the curtain of tulle reappears in ghostly pink paired with a bustier dress supported by thick buckles and a day-to-night bomber. Thanks to wedge boots laced skyward or studded leather triangle bras intended to be exposed, the overall attitude ended up tough, seductive, and tailor-made for his empowered and extroverted tribe. The “urban” notion benefited from mixing logo T-shirts with color-blocked leather motorcycle pants and sport jersey dresses with jackets trimmed in dynamic scrollwork. Let it be known that Givenchy’s concept of camouflage consists of an abstracted paper money pattern. Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-9 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-10 Givenchy presents its Spring 2017 pre-collection, exploring influences ranging from “romantic skinheads” to ’90s underground music scenes. The womenswear collection plays with retro subcultures with micro pleated tulle, maxi Givenchy star prints, white socks and big lace-up boots. There are nods to the house’s traditional code with the use the of blacks and whites, tied blouses and straight skirts, but perhaps more so than ever before, it’s a laboratory for new volumes and shapes, creating silhouettes that are halfway between street and couture. Similarly, the menswear collection is built around the same worlds and influences. There are tonal incrustations on the coats, bombers and sweaters, and more urban-style looks are found in oversized parkas, workwear jackets and tracksuit bottoms with ostentatious signature Givenchy bands. Meanwhile, the suits, jackets and shirts with red band accents underline the brand’s constructed vision of the classic man, as interpreted by creative director Riccardo Tisci. Check out the collection above, and afterwards take a first look at Riccardo Tisci’s NikeLab apparel. Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-13 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-15 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-16 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-17 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-18 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-20 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-21 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-22 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-23 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-24 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-25 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-26 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-29 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-30 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-31 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-32 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-33 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-34 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-35 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-36 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-38 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection-40 Givenchy-Spring-Summer-2016-Bag-Collection

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Chanel Classic Bags & Chanel Flap Bag

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Founded in 1909, the house of Chanel has been around for, literally, over 100 years. That is how long the brand has been creating its arsenal of the most coveted, iconic and recognizable purses in the world. And, like all veteran luxury houses, Chanel has their list of enduring classics that are must-knows for any woman who has a soft-spot for handbags. From the Chanel Classic Flap to the Boy Bag, here is our primer on Chanel’s most long-lasting and popular styles.

Chanel has immortalized itself as one of the world’s most chic and classic brands completely in tuned with the stylish and functional needs of its devotees. The beloved Chanel 2.55 is the epitome of the ultimate hands-free bag. Crafted to perfection, it’s quilted lines, flap, CC logo closure and strap make it the perfect day-to-night bag.


Chanel bags

In 1955, after getting tired of carrying her purse in the crook of her arm, Coco Chanel designed a bag that would eventually become her signature “it” bag: the Classic Flap. This iconic, quilted-leather shoulder bag features a long chain-link strap (inspired by the swinging key-chains of the nuns at the convent Chanel grew up in), a turn-lock closure and an interior pocket where Chanel, apparently, hid her “love letters.” Popularly known as the 2.55 for the month and year it was created, the Classic Flap has, over the years, gone through various changes while maintaining its elegant, structured silhouette. Most notably, in the 1980’s, Karl Lagerfeld added a “CC” logo to the turn-lock and intertwined the chain strap with leather which is how it is sold today.


Chanel Re-issue

In February of 2005 – to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 2.55 – Chanel released a version of the Classic Flap that was an exact replica of what Coco Chanel had designed in 1955. The result was the 2.55 Reissue – known simply as the Reissue. The main difference between the Classic Flap and the Reissue lies in its lock and the chain. The lock is the original “mademoiselle” lock with no logo (known as “mademoiselle” because Coco Chanel never married). The chain, unlike the Classic Flap, does not have leather woven through it. While technically a re-issued bag refers only to the year the bag was created (in this case, 2005) the popularity of Chanel’s Reissue turned it into one of the brand’s most enduring bags, and it is produced year after year.


Chanel-Black-Caviar-Timeless-Clutch-BagSince Karl Lagerfeld’s arrival in the 80’s, Chanel’s clutch collection has included some outrageous additions, including the Lego Clutch, the Perfume Bottle Clutch and the Milk Carton Clutch. But, this clutch – the Timeless Clutch – is, well, timeless. Also known as the “Kisslock Clutch” for its frame closure, the bag has the classic Chanel quilted leather and a CC lock. Its half moon shape makes it easy to hold and instantly recognizable.


Chanel GST tote

The Grand Shopping Tote – also known as the GST – is a roomy, carry-about-town shopper and is one of Chanel’s more practical and accessible offerings. It is big enough to be used for travel and durable in the way that Chanel bags generally are (especially those made of caviar leather). The GST has a big, big logo (that can be seen from a distance) and a leather and chain handle that makes the bag breezy and popular. If a Classic Flap, a Re-issue or a Boy Bag are a little too high in cost, the GST is a perfect option as its price point is (slightly) lower.



As the story goes, the Boy Bag – introduced in 2011 by Karl Lagerfeld – was named after Arthur “Boy” Capel, a wealthy polo player who financed Coco Chanel’s first shops and was also her lover and muse (though he was, interestingly, never faithful to her). The bag itself has a structured feel, substantial hardware and a CC turnlock. Like other Chanel classic bags, the Boy Bag tends to retain its value and can even sell for more over time.



The Wallet-On-A-Chain or the WoC is exactly that – a tiny, wallet-like bag that fits what any girl needs to get from point A to point B: cards, bills, lipstick and keys. Combined with the classic Chanel chain, the WoC is a great entry-level Chanel and/or the perfect purse for a younger Chanel user. It features six card slots and a zippered pocket with enough structure to allow for a few other sundry items. The WoC comes in mini versions of the Classic Flap and the Boy Bag as well as other shapes. The chain can be tucked in (so the bag actually is a wallet) or worn as a crossbody.

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Gucci’s Spring 2017 Runway Bags

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New LV Replica Bags Seller To Follow? We’ll Just Wait And See!

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As I’ve said before, LV replica bags are extremely easy to find, they are basically everywhere. But most of those bags are cheap knockoffs and that’s not what this blog is about. On the other hand, high quality Louis Vuitton replicas like this Neverfull bag replica are rare and deserved to be seen!

You probably know that I usually recommend PurseValley for LV replica bags, but this doesn’t mean I’m not open to suggestions. On the contrary, I’m always excited to discover new reliable replica sellers or websites! And this is exactly how this review was born!

New LV Replica Bags Site Review

About a month and a half ago I received this email from a reader of mine:

“Hi Eva! I wanted your opinion about a seller from aliexpress. Her name is tina her shop is now closed and she will open it again (she told me it is closed because of the replica brands she sells). Have you heard about her?? She opened an online shop and I wanna buy a neverfull from her.

Thank you in advance!

Her site is new. The address is 
She has also shop in aliexpress but it gets closed all the time. I think that happens because of the replica brands that aliexpress doesn’t allow.

She has also a yupoo album:

I speak with her for a long time and she always answers my questions. But I havent heard about her from anyone else and that is the reason why I doubt if she is trustworthy or not.
What do you think?

ps: Sorry for this big text!!!”

I am usually reluctant to recommending new sellers and replica sites but this time I felt like this LV replica bags had potential. So here is what I answered my friend:

“I’ve checked her site and the photos of the Neverfull replica as well. She seems a trustworthy seller and the bag looks good too. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give her a chance”

Neverfull Bag Replica Review

“hi eva!
remember me? i just received the neverfull i told you! its perfect i think! i just wanted to say thank you for your advice to trust the seller! you were absolutely right! 

Neverfull bag replica from

Neverfull Bag Replica Review

Interior of the Neverfull bag replica

Neverfull Bag Replica Interior View

LV Neverfull Replica Side Stitching

LV Neverfull Damier Replica Side View

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Knockoff Bag Logo Detail

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Knockoff Bag D-ring Zoom

Louis Vuitton Knockoff Pouch Damier Ebene

Replica Louis Vuitton Neverfull Damier Pouch

So there you have it. Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith when it comes to fake bags online sellers. It’s true that these AliExpress stores get shut down all the time but luckily they still have the Yupoo photo albums where you can take a closer look at their bags. In many ways, this is much better than a replica site that just steals photos. The bag really looks like in the photos and that’s great! Site Review

Since the AliExpress store was shut down, I checked the site for more information on payment methods, return policy and selection of bags. The site doesn’t look too good, but probably that’s because it’s new. The seller has knock off Louis Vuitton bags and wallets, Gucci replica bags and a few Valentino and Celine replica bags. So it’s a pretty small collection. Also, most of the LV replica bags she has are made of canvas, there are just a few ones made of leather.

Right now you can pay only through Western Union and MoneyGram which is premature considering this is a new LV replica bags site. My advice is to wait for the seller to open a new AliExpress store and then order if you like this bag. The advantage of ordering from AliExpress is that you can pay by credit card, which is obviously safer than the other two payment options they have right now.

I’m glad to promote new sellers and new replica bags sites but I also know better than getting excited that easily. So is this a seller we can trust for LV replica bags on the long term? We’ll just have to wait and see! All I can say is that this first review sounds really good for them and I hope she/they will not disappoint in the future.

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Worst Yves Saint Laurent Bags I’ve Seen In A While!

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This is definitely one of the most useful replica handbags reviews I’ve received in a while. Many people ask me about this site because they have such a big variety of Yves Saint Laurent bags replica and even though I always felt like they can’t be trusted, this review confirmed what I suspected.

Yves Saint Laurent Bags Replica on Think Again!

Finding really good Yves Saint Laurent bags replica is not super easy, but it’s not as difficult as it is with other brands either. So a Sac De Jour replica like this is simply unacceptable! This bag should cost $50 tops but my friend here paid $259 for it. Here is her review:

“Hi Eva,

I’m one of your newer readers…wish I found ur blog earlier! It would have saved me a lot of disappointment! I’m no replica expert but this bag is not good. I would feel ashamed to wear it even in front of my friends, so how could I wear it in front of strangers?

I think it’s really easy to tell it’s a fake and I’m already sure you will confirm this.

The bag looked so good in the site pics and their other yves saint laurent bags replica as well, so imagine my shock when I got this.

So why did I choose this site?

-free shipping
-15% discount for Western Union payment plus 5% discount if you buy 2 items.
-the variety was impressive

Fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Review

Fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour

Fake Sac De Jour Zoom

Fake Sac De Jour Details

Fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Side Of the Bag

Side View

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Replica Interior

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Replica Inside View

Fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Protective Studs

Fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Studs Have The Wrong Shape

Replica Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Inside Stamp

Replica Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Logo Tag

Replica Sac De Jour Front Stamp

Replica Sac De Jour Terrible Logo

Counterfeit Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Giveaway

Counterfeit Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Tag

Bad Return Policy? Check!

I tried to return the bag but I can’t. Their return policy says that they only take back products with quality problem and they don’t think my bag has a quality problem. I tried to explain that it’s nothing like the authentic but apparently this doesn’t fit in their definition of “quality problem”. UGH! That ugly stamp is “not an obvious quality defect”, can you believe that?!? Oh and BTW, I can’t exchange it either for the same reason!

Anyway, I would NEVER EVER recommend this site to anyone! I’m so disappointed with the bag & the customer service!

The yves saint Laurent bags replica photos on the site did not reflect the reality!!!”

I want to comment on the last thing my friend said before I start reviewing the bag itself. Review

How did this happen? It’s pretty simple, actually. uses a lot of stolen photos of authentic designer bags, which I’ve found on legitimate designer stores as well. I’ve pointed this out as often as I could. How could you know what you’re going to get in reality if you don’t see actual photos of the product you buy? They don’t even have customer reviews to help you out, so buying from this site is risky to say the least.

Also, don’t get too excited by the number of products they have. This is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to replica handbags.

So sorry to see YSL replica bags like this still exist on other sites than But don’t believe that all Yves Saint Laurent bags replica look like this on all the other replica bag sites.

Replica Sites That Use Stolen Photos

And just to confirm what my friend already said: I do not recommend buying from either, they are not honest sellers! They lost my respect the moment they started using stolen photos of authentic items. Why not show clear, detailed and REAL pictures of the replica bags you sell if you have nothing to hide?

Actually, there are some real pictures of replicas on this site. And do you know how I realized that? They look terrible! Of course they don’t want to show us real photos of their replica bags. No one would buy them if they saw how they really look like.

I’m sad my new friend got scammed but I’m so thankful she shared her story. I can only hope other people reading this will follow her example!

Getting scammed doesn’t just mean sending your money and receiving nothing in return, but also sending money and receiving a completely different product than the one that is being advertised. What’s the use of receiving a replica bag if you’re never going to wear it? That money is lost.

If any of you has had any experiences with this site as well, please share! I would like to know if this is how all their designer replica bags are.

Fake Saint Laurent Sac De Jour Flaws

This has to be one of the worst Yves Saint Laurent bags replica I’ve seen in a while. It’s such an obvious fake that I’m not even sure where to start. Your regular Yves Saint Laurent bags replica Sac De Jour will have smudges around the logo or the “T” will not touch the “N” in the front, but it’s a whole other story with this bag.

So where should I start? The logo stamp, the lining, the inside tag, the protective studs on the bottom, the YSL metallic tag on the leather tag – everything is completely wrong and different from the original.

There shouldn’t be a hanging tag with the metallic logo on in the first place. The Saint Laurent Sac De Jour should have a leather holder with a lock in it. This type of hanging tag can be found in other Yves Saint Laurent bags replica styles like the Cabas Rive Gauche, but not the Sac du Jour.

And what’s that in the interior? Is that supposed to be suede?

The return policy and the customer support on this site makes me think that this site is not bad just for Yves Saint Laurent bags replica, but for all replica bags in general.

What site do you think has the best YSL replica handbags from your experience?

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