Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

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Yves Saint Laurent just introduced probably the boldest design of stiletto heels ever. The luxury brand released a completely unexpected new product, that got mixed reactions. The high-heeled roller skate stilettos are definitely a brave and daring product that is one of the most challenging ones so far. They are a part of the new Autumn/Winter collection of the French fashion house and are available in stores.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

Anthony Vaccarello is the new creative director of Yves Saint Laurent, appointed just last year. He is the same designer that signed on these heels. Vaccarello is known for his ultra-feminine designs and bold decisions. The shoes have a very fun design that features a heel higher than 3 inches. They have three roller skate wheels attached at the bottom, one placed on the heel, and the other two at the front of the shoe platform. Right between the front two wheels, there is a kick-stop brake. The patterns of the shoes are as fun as the design. They are reportedly called the Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller and are available in five different designs.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled StilettosYves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

This is not the first time that the luxury brand and Anthony have presented a shoe inspired by roller skates. The brand has already released roller skate hybrid sneakers that also featured wheels. That design was most certainly daring, but the heels are a whole new dimension. The rolling sneakers were sold at $1,195. The roller skate stilettos were already teased in a campaign earlier this year in February. The ad campaign itself raised a lot of controversies and was categorized as sexist. But honestly, this type of shoe doesn’t even need an advertisement.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

So the question is, are these heels wearable and safe? Even thinking about walking on high-heels makes our feet hurt, now imagine rolling on them. It doesn’t sound like the best idea, but fashion is not about comfort anymore. There probably won’t be that many brave women to wear them, but there will be a lot of brave ones to buy them.

Yves Saint Laurent Introduced Roller Skate High-Heeled Stilettos

This daring stilettos will cost between $2,000 and $3,000, which is on the very high end of the budget. If you are a huge Saint Laurent fan that can’t resist buying the most iconic pieces, then you should definitely buy a pair.

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Only in Dubai – A $33,000 pair of gold dipped pumps

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In a city where even a breath of air costs a few pennies, we’re not entirely surprised that Dubai is now home to a pair of shoes worth AED 120,000 (USD 33,000). Curated by Italian designer Antonio Vietri, the extremely fashionable pair of footwear is debuting in today’s Leatherworld Middle East 2017,

Fortunately for Vietri, his name is now a rather recognised one in Dubai where only last year a pair of golden loafers was displayed at a staggering AED 300,000 (USD 82,000). Interestingly enough, the pair of shoes were welcomed by footwear fanatics.

“I’m delighted to officially unveil my women’s collection at Leatherworld Middle East 2017, following the resounding success of the global launch of my men’s collection at the show last year,” said Vietri. “Gulf consumers love exclusivity and luxury that’s entirely unique, and I’m excited to present customers and retailers something completely different from anything they’ve seen before.”

Now more about this pricey commodity! Well, the silk pumps dipped in some 24-carat gold RE embellished with gold and silver ornaments. If you happen to be keen on owning this pair, you can select between Swarovski crystals, pearls or diamonds to adorn your expensive pair of pumps.

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Nike Flyknit Racer ‘Goddess’ & ‘Triple Black Midnight’

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It’s black, it’s white. And before I break out with Michael Jackson’s Black Or White, here’s what you should know about Nike’s latest Flyknit Racerreleases. And as the names suggest, one’s all-white, the other, all-black, both pairs fans of the sneaker have been asking for a really long time.

The Triple Black Midnight was released sometime in December last year and you’ll be pleased to know that some sizes are still available at Nike’s Singapore stores as well as online stores where it is priced at SGD239. Quite literally the only fully solid Flyknit Racer ever in a single hue, the only thing that’s white is probably the reflective lines on the heel tab.

Then there’s the Goddess, a silhouette so clean that you barely see Nike’s iconic tick logo. Which probably explains why fans are crazy over it, with the question now being how to get one. Well, the bad news is that it’s sold out online, though I see a couple of sizes over on Nike’s US site so if the shoe fits (and you have Borderlinx), well, you know what to do.

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Fendi Fall 2017 Thefashionguitar

I think it’s quite clear that we need to start talking about what happened on the Fendi Fall 2017 runway today. Evidently I’m not in Milan-town right now, but apart from my own major FOMO, you wouldn’t notice, because the only thing we can see right now are those RED BOOTS. Fendi Fall 2017 RED BOOTS. I feel a major style alarm note we have to make, because this is the boot we are all going to wear from now on…

Karl Lagerfeld did it again. He killed it! And this time with a less “fur” runway, which I’m sure many people are very happy about – including myself. Even more happy surely everyone is by seeing these killer red over-the-knee-boots. Two shades of red – a wine red and fire-red – but personally I’m would go for the fire-red ones. AND the pointy toe is still there, which I also love!

I won’t lie, I’ve already been searching the internet for a perfect pair that I can wear right now, because I’m not sure if I can wait till these land in store. Should I be regretting the pair of Manolo’s x Vetements I just clicked home… Should I save up and get these in Fall instead?

Fendi Fall 2017 Thefashionguitar

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Jessica Alba’s Shoe Picks Run the Young And Travels with a Saint Laurent Bag

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Sofia Vergara Loves Her Platform Sandals and Pumps, No Matter the Occasion

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